5 Reasons to See "Listen To Your Mother"

Photo credit: Jody Mack Photography

Photo credit: Jody Mack Photography

We asked our 2018 cast members why you should come to Charleston's Listen To Your Mother show. Here's what they had to say.

1. The show is on Mother's Day Weekend, so it's the perfect gift. 

"I see a part of myself in each story." Ali Anderson

"You will find your own story being told, your mother's story, your sister's story, your child's story....if you bring your heart." Angela Gibson Goss

2. The show is for everyone. You don't have to be a mom to have a motherhood story.

"You will hear your own story told by many of the storytellers and you will realize you're not alone." Keith Dee.

Ashley Ariñez adds, "We could all use a little more of that."

"You will be astounded to hear people tell stories that you thought were yours alone." Helen Mitternight

"You will spend an hour-and-a-half immersed in pure humanity and realize how we are all connected in our joys and sorrows." Carolyn Click

3. You will be entertained. You will be moved. The show is designed to take you on a ride. 

"Some of these stories will make you laugh; some will make you cry. Some will make you want to punch a wall in anger and some make you want to walk out of the room, pick up the phone and tell your parents how much you love them." Whitney McDuff

"You will find yourself leaving the comfort of your chair to explore these stories within your own imagination" Sydney Barnett

"In the end, everything we write is either for instruction or entertainment, and what better way to give our audience a taste of both?!" Katie DePoppe

4. It tells a complete story.

"This show at its core is about healing." Jackie Morfesis  

"You will leave the show feeling the strength of motherhood." Rev. Dr. Arthur Holmes.

"The show is a web connecting everyone as one, one family, one heart. Mary-Margaret Futch

5. Each year, we have a brand new cast with new stories to tell. And yet, the heart of the project is always the same. 

"Listen To Your Mother is an annual geyser of truth that keeps the heartbeat of the Charleston community, and is an experience that cannot be missed!" Katherine Hansen

"The show is a must-see!" Dede Kennedy.

Charleston's 2018 Listen To Your Mother show is this Friday, May 11 at 7:30 p.m. at The Schoolhouse. Listen to these cast members and get your tickets now. 


Listen To Your Mother: Meet the Cast!

Charleston's 2018 Listen To Your Mother show will be held Friday, May 11 at 7:30pm at The Schoolhouse. Get Tickets. 

Today we introduce you to the cast, in order of appearance: 

Whitney McDuff


Fun Fact: I've been a pianist for 30 years but I can’t read music.

You should know: I'm the children’s book author of The Lollie Tree and currently working on my second book.  

On Listen To Your Mother: You become so close with people so quickly because you're sharing such intimate experiences. The show has left me with a deep sense of gratitude about my mother and the sacrifices she made for me. 


Sydney Barnett


Fun fact: I helped my mom chase after Rev. Al Sharpton so she could meet and take a picture with him. 

You should know: I write for our local mom’s blog. 

On Listen To Your Mother: This show taught me that I’m still dealing with the passing of my mom, and even though I’m okay, it’s still very hard to talk about. 


Ashley Ariñez


Fun Fact: I mountain biked down the side of a mountain in Bolivia on a road that is 15,420 feet above sea level and called "Death Road". 

You should know: I'm an aspiring NY Times Best Seller. One day...

About Listen To Your Mother: This show has allowed me to become more comfortable with my experiences as a mom-to-be and now mother. It has renewed the strength I knew I always had for motherhood.


Carolyn Click


Fun fact: My first stage appearance was at age 9 where I performed "The Duel," about the gingham dog and the calico cat.

You should know: I spent my career as a working journalist and now teach journalism in the Senior Semester capstone program at the University of South Carolina.

About Listen To Your Mother: There's a lot embedded between the lines of a deeply moving story.


Rev. Dr. Arthur Holmes


Fun fact: I have a nephew that is the same age as I am.

You should know: I am the pastor of Allen AME Church on Edisto Island.

About Listen To Your Mother: What has impacted me the most is the mere fact that all "great" mothers are strong.



Katherine Hanson

22528224_10105368553303011_7534295586692365126_n (1).jpg

Fun Fact: My husband, son and I will spend the summer and part of the fall traveling out west, camping in our Sprinter van and looking for a new place to call home.

You should know: I'm the Founder of ModaBaby.

About Listen To Your Mother: I learned that the emotions about my story have a place here, and are perhaps the most important element. I needed to give myself permission to include them in my story.


Helen Mitternight

Helen python blog headshot 5-16.jpg

Fun fact: It’s all in service of my novel, but I know all kinds of ways to steal and kill.

You should know: I'm a freelance writer and a looking-for-an-agent novelist. 

About Listen To Your Mother: I have learned that the human safety net for when we despair is broader and stronger than I ever knew.


Mary-Margaret Futch


Fun fact: I've been an Irish dancer for the past 11 years!

You should know: I am a sophomore student at Palmetto Scholars Academy but I am taking senior and college classes.

About Listen To Your Mother: This show taught me that I can be funny, that you don't have to have a set style or a set story, that you can be free and creative. This show taught me that there can be ups and downs in one story, in one's life.


Ali Anderson


Fun fact: My mom loves Tom Jones, and when I was 7 she had me do an ice skating routine to “What’s New Pussycat.” (Note: this is especially funny in light of cast member Keith Dee's story.)

You should know: I am a holistic nutritionist that works primarily with hormone balancing. 

About Listen To Your Mother: This show has helped me reconnect with my artistic side. It has given me a creative outlet that I did not even know I needed.


Angela Gibson Goss


Fun fact: I love wild rabbits. 

You should know: I am a poet.

About Listen To Your Mother: Sitting down and writing my story was just the beginning. There are so many things tied within our stories that once cracked open, we are able to see in the light. It's in this light, surrounded by the light of others, that healing comes. 



Keith Dee

Keit Dee-4.jpg

Fun Fact: I was once a Muslim named Omar.

You should know: I perform in and produce stand-up comedy shows in Charleston.

About Listen To Your Mother: The biggest impact I've had is realizing you really can't tell from the outside what pain and experiences people are dealing with on the inside.


Dede Kennedy


Fun fact: I skipped the 2nd grade! 

You should know: I always wanted to be a talk show host! Follow me here.

About Listen To Your Mother: ThIs show has cracked open my grief over losing my mother, in a good way, and given me courage to feel the grief. 


Jackie Morfesis


Fun fact: I lived in Athens, Greece for a year on a Rotary scholarship to study the Greek goddess Persephone. I published a book and had a one woman show about her. My real first name is Zaharati after my Greek grandmother.

You should know: I serve in prison ministry in Charleston and have also served in New Jersey and overseas.

About Listen To Your Mother: The show reveals our common bonds and the universality of our stories.


Katie DePoppe

2018 LTYM headshot_katie depoppe2.JPG

Fun fact: I love to sing and dance and would have died to be a Mickey Mouse Club cast member when I was little. 🐭

You should know: I was the founding editor at large of Azalea and Palmetto magazines. This was my side hustle while still working full-time at a university from 2009-2016. Follow me here.

About Listen To Your Mother: I always felt very alone in my grief and nostalgia. I don’t feel that way anymore. 

2018 Cast of Listen To Your Mother

2018 Cast of Listen To Your Mother

Charleston's 2018 Listen To Your Mother show is Friday, May 11 at 7:30pm at The Schoolhouse. Get tickets.

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Zoo Health Club owners John and Ingrid Gooding with their children. Adorable, right? 

Zoo Health Club owners John and Ingrid Gooding with their children. Adorable, right? 

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Zoo Health Club Charleston
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